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rm 1800 nego

Original engine
Swiss automatic
width 42 mm
cermin 31 mm
original bracelet and buckle
11 pieces of steel joints
17 cm in circumference
unique way of separating

Rolex Precision Winding
diamond shape hands
Black dial
the dots are not visible on the hand
original dial

3 D indexes

original crown
groove still new seldom open


elastic bracelet with pin
elastic bracelet
buckle with special crown
Grey Dial
very few with this colour and size 360mm in diameter
slightly bigger than Rolex
same style as rolex
but much cheaper to maintain
Date only nicer looking than the day-date
the dial doesn’t look so bad
its better the dots are cause by reflection
engine, body, rim, crown all in very good condition
my collection only, only wear occasionally.
when I wore it people mistaken it as Rolex
sms or call 0138666466
if you are interested

Clean Dial like New

with 3D indexes standing tall
all minute lines are clearly visible

Number 12 on twelve o’clock
and 6 on six o’clock

Original Swiss engine like new
Accurate timing


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